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Does Psychiatric Diagnosis Harm People?

Tue 17-09-2024, 19:00

Does Psychiatric Diagnosis Harm People?

Diagnosis in medicine is considered an essential step in the discovery of a disease and potentially the cure. But many critics have argued that 'labelling', as the diagnosis is sometimes called, may do more harm than good. Yet can we do without. New labels such as neurodiverse, non-binary, or PTSD have been welcomed by many psychotherapists. Are labels/ diagnoses to be welcomed after all? This is a decision for every therapist and every client, but I will present some information that may be helpful in this decision based on my forthcoming book, Challenging Psychiatry's Reliance on the Disease Model.

Join me at 7pm on the 17th September 2024 via Meetup.

Digby Tantam

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